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Interactive Music Installation for upcoming event December 20
space/ghost -
Humayan Islam -

Dhaka Electronica Scene 2013

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Space/Ghost - Border Movement

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21 World-Renowned Cinematographers Share the Shots that Heavily Influenced Their Work

dr.strangelove aka SK Reshan  live visal perform in Colombo: Video Lab 2014  and art installation (manipulating 3D data)

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Forever South Collections Volume 2 - Border Movement

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The Rise Of Electronic Music In Dhaka Part III – The Live Scene, The Problems & The Possibilities - Border Movement

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Pettah Interchange is back! - Border Movement

one our kaaktalio  artist is changing the pettah..

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Space/Ghost’s New Single

Microphones on test

In this video D J Clark tests a series of microphones on his roof top in Beijing. Against a backdrop of traffic and other city sounds he puts tie clip mics, shotgun mics and sound recorders through their paces to see how the different equipment sounds in different conditions. The conclusion - proximity matters much more than expensive kit

Karin B Sinniger’s Diving in Bangladesh

[Remember Ep. 2] The Story Of The Digital Camera

[Remember Ep. 1] From VHS to The Smartphone!

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20 Directors Who Are Good At Making Visually Stunning Films

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Color Grading Tutorials and Presets - Color Grading Central